• WHMCS/Kayako Module

Here is a Kayako module for WHMCS integration for both Kayako version 3 and 4.

Its features include:
- Plug and Play configuration into WHMCS that overrides the default WHMCS ticket system and uses Kayako instead. Uses same look and feel as the default ticket system.
- WHMCS Language support
- User Edit hook support so when a user changes their email address, it changes the user record in Kayako as well.
- LoginShare support (file included)
- Ticket Paging support
- You can pick what ticket statuses are displayed
- Admin selectable allowed file attachment extensions retrieved from WHMCS admin area
- File Attachments for tickets
- Easily switch between the module for Kayako v4 API and the module for Kayako v3/CraigBrassSystems API by commenting out one line or the other.
- WHMCS user ticket closing
- Optional open ticket count listed under Account Statistics in WHMCS
- Optional ticket list support on the client home page (there is no paging though)
- Kayako custom field support on our version 3 module, v4 will have it per v4 API release.
- SSL (https) Kayako API URL support, see step 7 in ReadMe.txt file
- Kayako v3/v4 Announcements support
- WHMCS Knowledgebase Support (v 1.0+ module)
- And more..

Screenshots here:

Since our integration looks exactly like the built in WHMCS ticket system, you can demo here:

Software Update Announcements:
Software Update Announcements

Order the Full Featured Module Here (support and updates included for the first year):

License Options:
- One Install Owned License. Valid for one installation. 1 Years Support & Updates Included. Optional Renewals @ $49.95/Year after that. The license is valid forever with no requirement to renew.
- One Install Yearly Lease License. Valid for one installation. Support & Updates for as long as your license remains active.
- One Install Monthly Lease License. Valid for one installation. Support & Updates for as long as your license remains active.

We also offer the old Free Module here.

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