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HEAP Software, re-designing the face of the Internet.

HEAP Software has been providing web and application based solutions for companies and individuals
for over five years. We are driven by customer satisfaction and are dedicated to serving our customers. 
In choosing a company to provide you with the solutions you need....you can look no further then the 
customer service oriented-ness of HEAP Software. By choosing HEAP Software to develop your custom 
web site design, programming or other design work... you get years of experience and quality unique to 
any other business. Gone are the days of static web sites. Today's Web sites need regular updates,
database driven content, automation, animation, flashy easy to understand layouts, e-commerce,
and multimedia. And that's just the start!  

A web site needs more then just pretty images and basic looks to catch people's attention. It needs to do
something. It might gather information and feedback from clients, or it may let them search through your
data for the information they need. It may take orders for products or services. It might even sell access
to data and control access so only paying customers can use your information. The static pages of a web
site are built with HTML, but the action behind the scenes of today's "high-tech" web site are handled by 
programming, such as CGI scripting in languages like Perl or PHP. And complex data can be stored
in an SQL database and accessed by these scripts for viewing, or even for editing using a common web

So, if your web site just doesn't have the humph it use to have, or doesn't have that certain something to
make it work the way you and your clients would like. Then maybe a custom scripting job provided by
HEAP Software is what your looking for.

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